Keto chocolate nut clusters

Yields: 10 Servings Difficulty: Easy Cook Time: 1 Mins

These treats use unsweetened chocolate plus your favorite liquid keto-friendly sweetener such as sweet leaf (stevia) or Lakantos (monkfruit) or a sugar substitute such as Swerve confectioners (erythritol), or, to make it even easier, you can use stevia-sweetened dark chocolate chips such as these made by Lily!

Use candy molds or mini cupcake liners and freeze until set to give you a guilt-free tasty treat without the carbs!

Yields 8-10 clusters depending on the size of your molds. I happen to use the rose one like this because that is the one I have on hand so I just leave some of the roses unfilled.


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  • Use candy molds or mini cupcake liners. If you want to add a bit of salt start by sprinkling Himalayan salt on the bottom of each mold.
  • Melt the unsweetened chocolate squares OR stevia-sweetened chocolate chips in a small microwave-safe dish in 30-second increments until just melted. Stir.
  • Stir melted chocolate together with coconut oil and sweetener until desired sweetness is obtained. (omit sweetener if using stevia-sweetened chocolate chips).
  • Put 1-2 tsp of the melted chocolate into each candy mold or mini cupcake liner and spread to coat bottom and sides. Work quickly so the chocolate doesn't harden.
  • Place 1 tbsp of chopped nuts into each mold or liner. Use fewer nuts if your molds are small.
  • Pour approximately 1/2 tbsp of melted chocolate over the nuts in each mold or liner. Stir slightly to ensure the chocolate fills all the spaces.
  • Add 1-2 tsp of melted chocolate to the top of each mold or liner until all chocolate is used. Freeze until set. Keep in a sealed container in the fridge.